Terptown Arts, LLC

Terptown Arts, LLC is an independent photography / artist studio located in Eldersburg, MD.

All images herein are original and subject to copyright by the artist.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."  ~ Picasso

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Whiskey & Fire - Color photograph of a campfire through a whiskey snifter - Terptown Arts, LLC
Blue Reflections - Color photograph of blue sky reflecting off of shiny blue disks - Terptown Arts, LLC
Black & White Bloom - Black and white photograph of blooming flower - Terptown Arts, LLC

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Artist Photograph - Terptown Arts, LLC

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Color photo of painted Doric columns in a forest canopy, Old St. Mary's College Patapsco State Park - Terptown Arts, LLC

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Water Lily B & W - Black and White photograph of blooming water lily - Terptown Arts, LLC


Looking Up - Color manipulated and filtered photograph of a giraffe in tall grass - Terptown Arts, LLC

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Color photograph blue wave wall - Terptown Arts, LLC

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